CadiJo tries to style himself as much as possible after the harmonica players of the first decades of the blues: Noah Lewis, Jed Davenport, Jazz Gillum, El Watson, and many others. His very jazzy approach, often played in 1st position, allows him to sound modern and surprizingly fresh.

"Each time I perform acoustically, I strive to pay hommage to those pionneers whose immense talent and creative character I deeply respect."

 the acoustic album : le 3eme Homme


      CADIJO is backed in duo by :

Michel Foizon (Blues & Trouble)

Raoul Ficel

                        - Fred PG (Dana Gillespie)

                                - Tony Stelmaszak


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"As happy as a kid at play, Cadijo juggles with his small musical instrument and manages to transform it to the point of evoking the violin sound of Grappelli.  He literally overflows with creativity and sensuality while paying respectful hommage to all the great harmonica players who influenced him. Cadijo's singing is not to be overlooked, for it too is always inspired and in sync with the various styles.  It, too, is right on the mark.  This is, indeed, an exceptional CD of great blues and swing music."
Francis Rateau/Crossroad magazine



"With this album, I'm returning to the acoustic sound that I enjoy so much."

"Although I'm venturing more towards swing and gypsy jazz, my interpretation remains profoundly anchored in the blues."


  Vagabond Blues:

               Blues et Swing Manouche

                      Mosaic music distribution             




CADIJO Vagabond Blues Quartet with :

             - CadiJo : harmonica and vocals

                  - Fred PG : guitar and slide guitar

                         - Greg Schultz : gypsy guitar

                                - Lionel Garrigue: double bass






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